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Common Aetna Health Insurance Questions

What types of individual health insurance does Benefit-Plan.com offer?
Benefit-Plan.com offers Individual PPO plans.

Can I apply for an Aetna Health Insurance policy online?
Yes. Benefit-Plan.com makes applying for coverage easy. Simply click here to begin the online application process.

Do you offer HSA eligible health insurance plans?
Yes. We offer two Aetna HSA eligible plans. Click here to get quote.

Do you have information about HSA accounts?
Yes. Benefit-Plan.com agents are experts in all types of health insurance plans. Click here for information about HSA accounts and HSA compatible health insurance plans.

Is there a cost to use Benefit-Plan.com’s services?
No! We offer outstanding service to our clients at no charge. In fact, 80% of our new clientele comes from existing clients who have told their friends and business associates about us.

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