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The Benefits Portal

Streamlining the HR Process to Help You Work Smarter

Is all the paper around your office getting in the way of you effectively managing your HR department? Is it getting harder and harder to keep up with the needs of employees and also to comply with government regulations? Metro Atlanta Financial Group now offers employers a comprehensive solution for managing all HR forms and paperwork. In addition, we lessen the work load by giving your employees access to benefits information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do all this with one simple solution called The Benefits Portal. The Benefits Portal allows you to securely store all of your human resource documents, benefits information and health insurance information in one central location online. This makes your HR process simpler and easier. Consider these benefits:

  • Less time spent answering employee benefit questions
  • Less time spent organizing HR documentation
  • More time to focus on important aspects of compliance and HIPPA regulations
  • No more lost documentation since it’s all stored in one location
  • Convenient access for employees to the portal and provider information from your company website

With The Benefits Portal, you can do what your providers can’t. You can store and maintain all provider information in one location. No provider will ever list another provider’s solutions on its website. Never! You can store your documentation and forms for different health, dental and life insurance providers on The Benefits Portal.

All it takes is a call to one of our representatives, to get set up with a solution that streamlines the HR process by making paper work and forms readily available in one central location.

Convinced already? Click here for a free trial.

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