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Q. What type of health insurance does Metro Atlanta Financial Group sell?
A. Individual and Group plans which include HMO, POS, PPO and HSA-Compatible plans.

Q. What products do you represent?
A. We provide all forms of health, dental, life and disability insurance. We also provide retirement planning, annuities, long term care policies and estate planning. Call us today!

Q. Is there a cost to use your service?
A. No! We provide excellent service to our clients at no charge. 80% of our new clients come from our existing satisfied clients who recommend us to their friends and business associates.

Q. Will you meet with us in person?
A. Yes, we welcome you to come by our office. To ensure a representative is available to meet with you, please call to make an appointment. Phone calls are always welcome.

Q. How much Life Insurance do I really need?
A. This is a decision that is personal. Some people may require large amounts of life insurance while the next person may not need any. Many insurance professionals have come up with a “rule of thumb” measure for the amount an average person needs for life insurance. They have determined the amount of life insurance you should own is five times your annual salary. We will be happy to discuss some options with you.

Q. Who needs Disability Insurance?
A. Do you need to receive income on a regular basis? What would happen if you are injured or have an illness and cannot work? Disability insurance would solve your problem. At many ages, the odds are greater (about one in three) of you becoming disabled than of dying. Disability insurance is a lot more affordable than you think.  Please call our office today for a free quote.

Q. Why do I need to plan for my retirement? Won’t the government or my company take care of me when I am older?
A. Every day you postpone your retirement planning can have a huge long lasting impact on your financial stability in the future. We recommend you start now.  Please call us so we can get you started on your retirement planning.   

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