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Are you surveying various Georgia disability insurance plans for your company? Would you like insight into the challenges and budget issues that many medium- and large-scale Georgia employers face when parsing insurance possibilities? If so, you can count on the experience, expertise, and intuition of the agents here at Metro Atlanta Financial Group, a 20-year veteran of the Georgia insurance industry.

According to statistics, over 60 percent of short-term disabilities happen away from the office and therefore do not receive compensation under most Workers’ Compensation claims. If your firm does not provide short-term disability for your employees, you could lose out on necessary manpower, drive down employee morale, and even scare off potential talent at your firm.

Metro Atlanta Financial Group can work with your budget limitations to help you manage a short-term disability package that will protect both your firm and your people. A properly constructed STD program can return as much as 100 percent of money lost during disability leave. Chances of an STD incident in your office occurring can be quite high, particularly if you have 100 or more employees. According to detailed surveys, 65 out of every 1,000 people endure some kind of STD every year.

We can also delve into long-term benefit packages. You can get as much as two-thirds off a key employee’s income remediated in the event of a catastrophic injury, provided that the employee is less than 67 years of age. You protect your employees’ welfare and your own when you invest in long- and short-term disability, and we can finesse your budget numbers in such a way that you can easily compensate for the premiums. Call us today toll free at 1-888-208-6234.


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