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What types of Georgia medical insurance can you find through Metro Atlanta Financial Group, one of Georgia’s leading sales agencies for two decades? First of all, you can discover a range of employee protection programs, from HMOs to PPOs and self-funded health plans to employee access programs and individual health insurance packages. Second of all, you can tap into long-term protection, such life and disability insurance (both short-term and long-term disability), profit sharing plans, executive compensation arrangements, and IRAs and 401k plans.

Third, you can work with a qualified Metro Atlanta Financial Group agent to design a custom-tailored insurance benefit package for your corporation. After all, in many cases, your needs may not match up precisely with any one of the standard plans offered by the major national or Georgia carriers. Thus, we at Metro Atlanta Financial Group can stabilize your budget, cut out bloat, and help you avoid tax consequences through uniquely engineered plans.

Of course, we do not pressure individuals or organizations to adopt packages just because they are simple or comprehensive. Instead, we really listen to the needs of clients to design articulate coverage that meshes with risk sensibilities. For instance, if you are starting up a fledgling company and you do not have lots of capital on hand to meet expenses, we are not going to suggest elaborate dental and vision plans for you.

On the other hand, if you are a large-scale Georgia entity looking to attract a diverse pool of talent, we may introduce you to some more upscale, comprehensive packages to entice the best people in your field to join your firm. To make the dispensation of benefit information easier, we at Metro Atlanta Financial Group design private, tailored websites for our clients using an advanced, proprietary technology.


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