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As a self-employed Georgia resident, you have many options when it comes to signing up for health and disability insurance. If you meet certain standards, you can qualify for lower premiums and deductibles–or for the ability to pay for some or all of your medical insurance fees with pre-tax dollars. Of course, if you are self employed and researching in a vacuum, chances are that you will miss key strategies and initiatives.

One alternative is to join forces with an agent here at Metro Atlanta Financial Group, a trusted name in group and private insurance for more than 20 years. Not only can we point out custom-tailored solutions for self employed or small business owners, but we can also teach you about long-term protective vehicles, such as individual disability plans, simple IRA plans, Roth IRAs, executive compensation arrangements, and family protection plans.

Just because you do not work in a multi-tiered corporate office does not mean that you cannot take advantage of some corporate insurance benefits or tax write-offs. Our agents will strategize with you for free at your convenience. Even if you do not work in Georgia full time or if you only do some business in the state, we can identify well-thought-out options. On our site, you can read more about plan specifics and find a list of more than a dozen premium nationwide carriers.

Building an individual health insurance initiative from scratch is sometimes easier than starting from an old, senescent program. Choose Metro Atlantic Financial Group today by calling 1-888-208-6234, and save both in the long and the short term on your individual insurance.


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