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Kaiser Permanente is the country’s biggest non-profit HMO, with nearly 10 million members and over 11,000 physicians enrolled in the network. The HMO provides health coverage in the form of eight individual regional divisions, including Georgia. This framework has been in place since 1955, 10 years after Henry Kaiser and Sydney Garfield founded the organization. Today, the company generates $22 billion in revenue and employs over 130,000 people.

If you are looking for a Kaiser Permanente Healthcare solution in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please review the Metro Atlanta Financial Group website and get in touch with an agent this afternoon to get started with your coverage initiative. We are an unbiased source of information and a pre-eminent seller of insurance and benefits packages with 20-plus years of service experience.

Whether you are a self-employed Atlanta business owner seeking relief from overly high premiums or a manager of a medium-sized Atlanta firm questing for a detailed, multi-tiered package to lower the overall cost of premiums for your company, Metro Atlanta can clue you into ideal coverage. We charge nothing for our services, and we work with Kaiser Permanente Georgia as well as with other big name carriers such as Aetna and United Health.

The key to proper insurance coverage planning is long-term budgeting. Before you sign up for a plan willy-nilly, it is important to review your numbers with your corporate officers and to hold forum with your employees to find out what kinds of coverage they really want and need. It is possible to solve the health insurance puzzle. Get help from Metro Atlanta Financial Group today. We are here at 888-208-6234.



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